Rochester, Kent

Bio: I am an equine fanatic and have an interest in anything horse related; from journalism to yard work. In an attempt to broaden my experiences I aim to travel to numerous countries which are renowned for their equestrian excellence in the near future. I have been around horses all my life, however only decided to take it a step further when I was 14. I began working at a local riding stables, and yes, the hours were long and the winters were bitter but I enjoyed every second. Throughout my time there I met so many wonderful people who I will always be in my memories! Whilst at the riding school I brought my first pony; a little, old rescue called Pip. He was one in a million. My next step was to enter the world of Hadlow College to study a Level 3 Ext Dip in Horse Management. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and learnt more than you can imagine. As well as college I took on a Saturday job working for Peter and Amy Chitty on their family run show jumping yard. My confidence has blossomed and I owe this family so much! Deciding not to throw myself full on into the equine industry, just yet, I choose to study for a BSc (hons) in Equine Sports Therapy and Rehab at The Royal Greenwich Equestrian Centre. As I am fresh meat to the world of university I can only hope I will enjoy the experience and extend my knowledge to take me where I want to go...

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